Friday, August 9, 2013

1st birthday

The girls are 1!!! Can you believe it?? They are such little pumpkin heads. They are taking steps. Avery can take 10-15 and Hannah takes maybe 5. Such fun milestones! I'm having a blast and the girls are so funny to be around. Hannah had been playing monkey see, monkey do to just about everything. She is so smart. Avery is walking around the room like its no big deal. She amazes me. I can't believe I have two 1 year olds. I'm so tickled. This next year will be full of even more fun and new adventures!

As fall rolls around, Pat started medical school. We are adjusting to this amazing change in our household. Before Pat worked night shift at the hospital, so this change (as a wife) lowered my anxiety. I love having my husband on the same sleep schedule again!! However, the demands of medical school is our new transition. We have met so many new people/couples through networking events through Pats school. We have all been having a blast together. Some have relocated here, some are dating, some engaged, some married, and some with kids. The beauty of it all is we all have such unique stories, but are all at the same point. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such fun ladies in the area!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Perfect Mom?

I have not written alot, but not to state the obvious, I am a mother of two babies. Spare time is a rare commodity in this house for me. My days are devoted to my little girls. They strive for my attention all day, every day. They are at that fun age where they enjoy the act of "play". They love when we start to chase them and they crawl away so fast that their little knees go out and end in a big belly laugh. These are the days that make my insides glow. Many other mommas wonder how I do it? How can you take care of two, when I can barely take care of one? I must get this question DAILY. I simply answer, you just do it.

It was brought to my attention today that some view me as "the perfect mom". I was not sure what to think of this. Sure, I was flattered that some viewed me as a role model, but I am FAR from perfect. I was tickled to be perceived as a good parent. Who doesn't like to hear recognition for all the hard work that goes into being a parent? The truth is it is hard work, especially in the beginning. I know my updates are usually always happy, but there are days where the days are so hard. I remember in the beginning being so sleep deprived and had to care for two little beings. The truth is there is no such thing as a perfect mom. I believe you just do your best everyday. My job is to give my girls the best life possible, full of new adventures. I want them to see everything; I want them to see the world. I am an active mom who leaves the house often. I have learned the sooner you start venturing out, you realize it was easier than you anticipated, like most things. It is finding the courage to tackle the new experiences and then every time after that seems so simple.

A few weeks ago, I was in Target walking the baby aisles - browsing. I hear a woman call "Hey miss!" I turn around and thought is she talking to me? It turns out she was. She had explained she was there with her daughter and her granddaughter who was expecting twins and asked if I could talk with her. I thought sure. I would love to not sure what we were going to discuss. She was around my age, maybe slightly older. She was pregnant with twin boys. She had explained how terrified she was of having twins as people are sharing horror stories of how difficult it is when they are born. I looked at her and said that is so wrong! Trust me, the babies do have their moments, but for the most part, other people have no idea. It was actually easier than other people had made it out to be when I was pregnant. I explained how fun it is to watch them play at such a young age. It's fun to see them already recognize each other before you even know they can recognize anything. It's fun to watch them smile and laugh together. I feel twins are born into a world that belongs to just the two of them. Not only are you giving birth to two babies, but you have two babies who are already best friends. It's been such a joy to watch them grow. My advice was to not listen to anybody and just roll with the punches. You will then see that you would do it over again in a heartbeat. Having twins is an adventure, but an exciting one.

Here are some pictures of my little ones!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

2.5 months away!

Here we are 2.5 months away from the start of medical school!!! Pat, safe to say, is beyond excited! It's always on his mind. It's amazing when dreams really do come true.

We have prepared in every way possible. We have set a budget (thanks to What a nifty online tool. I am an active participant in online forums with other medical wives who are or have been in my same shoes. It's nice to relate to others. Currently, Pat is shopping around for his new laptop that he will be using 14 hours a day. (Side note: I still can't believe my husband is going to be a doctor!) Hopefully, he narrows it down soon because school starts soon!

Meanwhile, the girls and I are are loving being out and about more with this beautiful weather we are having! I have always been a person who used to walk to clear my mind and do my best thinking. Now, I found something new. I love taking the girls to the park. It's walking distance from our home (which is AWESOME!) and free. I must go there everyday that it's not raining. Not only do I find it peaceful, but it's a place to socialize with other stay at home moms with little ones. I love that we are across the street from an elementary school where I watch the half day kindergarten come and go. I do not know what it is, but I love it.

Many people think I am ALWAYS out with the girls. I must say I do leave the house alot, but I love taking them places. I feel more "normal". I like being around other people. In fact, the girls love their stroller and are relaxed when we stroll. It's a win/win. It keeps getting easier in that regard.

Update on the girls - they are mobile and super funny! They are such little people who are full of smiles and love. They are great sleepers! I just love them to pieces. They make me want to have like 10 more kids. Motherhood is amazing and gets better each day. I love my little family and all we have accomplished as a family of four.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update on the girls!

The girls are doing absolutely great! They are getting so big. I can barely believe it's been 6 months since they were born. They have totally different personalities that I love getting to know more each day. They are both laughing and smiling now. I love getting big smiles and laughs from them. It's so contagious. Pat and I look at each other when they are belly laughing and just crack up. That is my most favorite thing. Right now the girls are in a stage where they want tostat moving. They cannot crawl or walk yet obviously, but they try so hard to move themselves getting frustrated. We are between the rolling and crawling stage. They want to start moving and grooving and are trying to figure it out. I can see them getting so frustrated.

They are getting easier to take out in public as long as there are two sets of hands. We can go out to lunches or gatherings as long as we bring toys. Granted usually everything ends up on the floor, but everybody is happy. The restaurants love the girls saying "aww twins"....everywhere we go. I'm getting so excited for spring and summer for more walks to the park and swimming in the pool with them. They love baths so I can only imagine how much they will love the pool. Lots of swimming with their aunties and cousins! Also -- We have moved the girls in the big tub with their toys because they have discovered how to splash. The kitchen sink baths do not suffice anymore.

As for sleeping, the girls are great!!!!  They sleep 6pm-7am. I cant remember the last time they woke up before 7am. I hear we are pretty lucky. I usually give them an 8 oz bottle at 7am and they nap until 10am back in their cribs. Talk about sleeping machines!! I hope this stage lasts for awhile. Thank goodness for big sisters with great sleep training advice!

We go to the pediatrician this month for their 6-month wellness checkup to see how the girls are doing. I love hearing their percentiles because Im reminded the girls are healthy and doing so well!

Life couldn't be sweeter.