Friday, August 9, 2013

1st birthday

The girls are 1!!! Can you believe it?? They are such little pumpkin heads. They are taking steps. Avery can take 10-15 and Hannah takes maybe 5. Such fun milestones! I'm having a blast and the girls are so funny to be around. Hannah had been playing monkey see, monkey do to just about everything. She is so smart. Avery is walking around the room like its no big deal. She amazes me. I can't believe I have two 1 year olds. I'm so tickled. This next year will be full of even more fun and new adventures!

As fall rolls around, Pat started medical school. We are adjusting to this amazing change in our household. Before Pat worked night shift at the hospital, so this change (as a wife) lowered my anxiety. I love having my husband on the same sleep schedule again!! However, the demands of medical school is our new transition. We have met so many new people/couples through networking events through Pats school. We have all been having a blast together. Some have relocated here, some are dating, some engaged, some married, and some with kids. The beauty of it all is we all have such unique stories, but are all at the same point. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such fun ladies in the area!

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