Thursday, May 9, 2013

2.5 months away!

Here we are 2.5 months away from the start of medical school!!! Pat, safe to say, is beyond excited! It's always on his mind. It's amazing when dreams really do come true.

We have prepared in every way possible. We have set a budget (thanks to What a nifty online tool. I am an active participant in online forums with other medical wives who are or have been in my same shoes. It's nice to relate to others. Currently, Pat is shopping around for his new laptop that he will be using 14 hours a day. (Side note: I still can't believe my husband is going to be a doctor!) Hopefully, he narrows it down soon because school starts soon!

Meanwhile, the girls and I are are loving being out and about more with this beautiful weather we are having! I have always been a person who used to walk to clear my mind and do my best thinking. Now, I found something new. I love taking the girls to the park. It's walking distance from our home (which is AWESOME!) and free. I must go there everyday that it's not raining. Not only do I find it peaceful, but it's a place to socialize with other stay at home moms with little ones. I love that we are across the street from an elementary school where I watch the half day kindergarten come and go. I do not know what it is, but I love it.

Many people think I am ALWAYS out with the girls. I must say I do leave the house alot, but I love taking them places. I feel more "normal". I like being around other people. In fact, the girls love their stroller and are relaxed when we stroll. It's a win/win. It keeps getting easier in that regard.

Update on the girls - they are mobile and super funny! They are such little people who are full of smiles and love. They are great sleepers! I just love them to pieces. They make me want to have like 10 more kids. Motherhood is amazing and gets better each day. I love my little family and all we have accomplished as a family of four.