Monday, December 10, 2012


HOORAY!! Pat was recently accepted to Midwestern University/CCOM in Downers Grove, IL - Class of 2017! I am beyond proud of my hubby! This has been his dream since he was a child. It's is more than just a professorial choice for him. It is what he was made to be; it is who he is. He is the most compassionate, loving, and most intelligent man I have ever met! I am beaming with pride for him! Pat has a smile that is new to me that I have never seen on him. It is the smile of knowing you are living a long-time dream. He is on cloud 9, to say the least. It is all that he talks about!! He is always talking which specialty he is interested in and which residency he is wanting to pursue  etc. It's refreshing as a wife to see this passion from your husband. He now has everything he has always wanted, and I imagine that feeling pretty sweet!

Short introduction: Pat and I have been dating since 2006. We met in college through mutual friends. He attended the University of Chicago and I attended Saint Xavier University. We are each other's better halves. We are complete opposites, but that is what keeps us so balanced. We are constantly learning from one another to better ourselves. It's amazing how when you find the person who completes who you are, the amount of obstacles you can overcome together. We got married on November 6, 2010. Just a little over 2 years ago! (Where does the time go?!) Pat is the only person in this world who has a calming influence over me, and I think (well, I like to believe) I have the same effect on him. hehe We feel that there is nothing we can't do no matter what is in store. We complete each other and always bring out the best in one another. He brings out smiles in me that nobody can. He is my best friend; my partner in crime. We have always been a strong unit; team; whereas my dreams are his dreams and vice verse. There was no doubt in my mind that this is something that needed to be pursued.  When life seems to get crazy, we just laugh. Together, we are having all of our dreams come true, no matter how impossible they seem to be at times. We have twin daughters, Avery and Hannah, who are 4.5 months old right now who are our IVF miracles. They were born July 21. Our lives have been forever changed and turned upside down. Parenthood has been such a rewarding adventure. Life gets exponentially better by the day! Not only will I blog the academic rigors Pat will experience in training from a wife's perspective, but I will also blog the thoughts of a Medical school Mrs. and how our daughters will be growing up in a house with a doctor-in-training. We are not the average family (who is?!) From the long nights of studying, rotations all over the Midwest, and a residency schedule that will have Pat being gone at all hours of the day/night. There will be days where it will be difficult, but there will most certainly always be days full of fun and lots of love.

Not only do we have two little girls who are our entire world, but we are now entering a new chapter in our lives - we are entering the medical school world and the life that this entails. We are eager to enter it as a family. I know that together we will not only succeed and grow, but we will have fun during the medical training process. Pat and I have big dreams and together we make them come true. While Pat is tackling the books, I will be maintaining our home here in Bolingbrook, taking care of the kiddos, and supporting my husband in whatever he needs. Sounds pretty darn good to me!

This blog is to help inform other spouses/families of medical students and how it will all be OK even if it may be different than somebody else's "normal". I have found great advice from other medical wives/mothers, and I felt I would like to join that community. I am officially joining another fun club of women who make this transition not only easy, but something to look forward to!

Here we come Midwestern U! Excited for everything that lies ahead! July 29 can't come fast enough!

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  1. Hi! Congratulations to your husband! I found you through Lives of Dr. Wives on FB... I love finding other medical wives blogs! You're so right... it will all be okay :) Can't wait to follow along on your medical adventure!