Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update on the girls!

The girls are doing absolutely great! They are getting so big. I can barely believe it's been 6 months since they were born. They have totally different personalities that I love getting to know more each day. They are both laughing and smiling now. I love getting big smiles and laughs from them. It's so contagious. Pat and I look at each other when they are belly laughing and just crack up. That is my most favorite thing. Right now the girls are in a stage where they want tostat moving. They cannot crawl or walk yet obviously, but they try so hard to move themselves getting frustrated. We are between the rolling and crawling stage. They want to start moving and grooving and are trying to figure it out. I can see them getting so frustrated.

They are getting easier to take out in public as long as there are two sets of hands. We can go out to lunches or gatherings as long as we bring toys. Granted usually everything ends up on the floor, but everybody is happy. The restaurants love the girls saying "aww twins"....everywhere we go. I'm getting so excited for spring and summer for more walks to the park and swimming in the pool with them. They love baths so I can only imagine how much they will love the pool. Lots of swimming with their aunties and cousins! Also -- We have moved the girls in the big tub with their toys because they have discovered how to splash. The kitchen sink baths do not suffice anymore.

As for sleeping, the girls are great!!!!  They sleep 6pm-7am. I cant remember the last time they woke up before 7am. I hear we are pretty lucky. I usually give them an 8 oz bottle at 7am and they nap until 10am back in their cribs. Talk about sleeping machines!! I hope this stage lasts for awhile. Thank goodness for big sisters with great sleep training advice!

We go to the pediatrician this month for their 6-month wellness checkup to see how the girls are doing. I love hearing their percentiles because Im reminded the girls are healthy and doing so well!

Life couldn't be sweeter.


  1. Hi Katie,
    Your girls are adorable! I actually found you through your old blog. I am also a patient of Dr. Sheiber, he helped me to conceive my beautiful 2 year old son!! I am now going through IVF again to try for another child. I started a blog for the same reasons you did and thought that if you know of anyone that is going through IVF or infertility that maybe you could direct them to my blog. I love sharing my experiences to help encourage and inspire others that are trying to conceive. My website is
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. Katie, your story is amazing and so inspirational. These little girls have amazing parents. I am so happy for you!

    -Amanda Cervantes.