Wednesday, June 4, 2014

....and we are MS2!

Hello June! We have officially completed MS1! He rocked year one, per usual! We are so proud of him! He continues to amaze me with how he finds such a good family/school balance! I know it is far from easy and does have some stress mixed in, but he does it with such grace and with no complaints. Unlike how I would probably be. Another reason why I love him so much. Better him, than me! Pat is now doing his research fellowship over the summer (10 weeks) in the lab.  The reason medical students choose to do a research fellowship is to open more doors for residency options. It looks good on a residency application. Not mandatory, but is a good thing to have under your belt! It is so different having a hubby come home and not have ANYTHING to do. The word "study" has just instantly vanished! When he walks through the door at the end of his work day, he can sit and actually RELAX! It is such a nice thing to see. This is the only summer during his medical school career where he has some flexibility. We planned two vacations - San Diego and Michigan - both involving family.  We are taking advantage of the girls being able to fly free these last few weeks before they turn the big TWO. This summer is full of planned family fun! We have until early August of this transition, than it is back to medical school business! It is a very welcomed break!

After this crazy winter, it is so nice to be outside. The girls LOVE to play in the backyard. I swear they are outdoor cats. In the first week we set up their backyard toys, we were outside EVERYDAY for hours! Of course the girls and I love this! I would send pictures to Pat while he was in his finals week of the girls playing and I laying out in the backyard. Maybe cruel? At least he knows all of his girls are enjoying this beautiful summer!

Here is to Summer 2014! MS2 starts in just a few short weeks! He is 1/4 a doctor! Time is flying!


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